Met Dynamics maintains professional relationships with a range of organisations across the minerals industry.

The resources of these groups are available to our clients to enhance project outcomes.



Bear Rock Solutions

Dr. Ted Bearman is a mining professional with 22 years experience in operations, engineering, R&D and consulting. In his last corporate role, Ted held the position of General Manager – Innovation for Rio Tinto, a role that included the development of the Mine of the Future vision.

Ted has recently established himself as an independent consultant, focusing on the needs of the mining industry in strategic studies and technology.  As part of his business approach, Ted is working with other high-end providers to develop simulation products to address specific, high value areas in the mining sector.



Akami Management Group

Akamai are a group specialising in corporate advisory services and strategic studies. Their project portfolio extends across the mining industry, and includes:

  • Development of technology capabilities for mining companies;
  • Valuation of technology;
  • Prioritisation of innovation initiatives; and
  • Filtering of technology ideas and the development of an innovation funnel and portfolio.



Optika Solutions

Optika Solutions provides innovative services that leverage processes, people and technology to improve operations and supply chain systems and enhance overall business performance.

Optika predominantly work with organisations in process and asset intensive industries and adopt an holistic approach to analyse clients’ value chains, working in partnership with enterprise decision makers to discover value-adding operational improvement opportunities.