The ultimate objective of the process control system of any mineral processing circuit  is to achieve a stable, steady state of operation so that limits can be pushed and productivity maximised. In practice, this is difficult to achieve due to a range of external and internal influences which can lead to short term variability:

  • External disturbances, such as ore variability, truck or mining disruptions, equipment availability and human influence; and
  • Internal disturbances, where residence time, material handling arrangements, unit processes and control actions combine to create unsteady states.

The response and recovery of a processing plant to such disturbances can be difficult to foresee, given the complex interactions of material flows and equipment. Dynamic process simulation offers a remedy to this complexity, encapsulating the full range of process behaviour in a consistent, interactive platform.

By coupling a dynamic simulation with an active representation of the process control system, Met Dynamics can reveal the root causes of unstable operation and help your business devise practical control solutions to enhance circuit productivity.

Our Process Control and Dynamic Simulation solutions can assist new or existing operations to achieve new levels of optimal performance.


New Operations

  • Process control design specifications can be rapidly prototyped and tested, even as process flowsheets change during development.
  • The dynamic simulation becomes a tool for process control and mechanical engineering professionals to communicate and collaborate early in the design process.
  • This ensures the best outcome is achieved before any critical design decisions are locked in.

Existing Operations

  • Improved process control strategies can be devised and tested against an operation’s own process knowledge, without risking any real production.
  • Control philosophies can be rapidly aligned with shifting business priorities, e.g. quantity versus quality.

Case Studies

Met Dynamics has applied our Process Control and Dynamic Simulation solution to a number of applications, such as

  • Multi-stage crushing and screening plants
  • Integrated overland conveying and processing facilities
  • Mine and port stockyards
  • Wet processing circuits (including hydrocyclones and upward current classifiers)


Our Process Control and Dynamic Simulation solution means complete processing circuit operational strategies can be developed with full knowledge of the impacts on upstream and downstream circuit components, without compromising ongoing operations.