Met Dynamics provides consulting services to a range of clients across the global minerals industry.

We maintain a class-leading suite of skills, methods and tools for the analysis and optimisation of minerals value chains.

We apply these skills and tools to provide outcomes and solutions to design and improvement studies across a range of commodities, including precious and base metals, iron ore, uranium and diamonds.

Our Consulting Approach

Team Values

We bring our best team to the job. We maintain strong relationships with independent experts across a range of fields to ensure we always have access to the best capabilities.

We work very closely with our clients, ensuring they form an integral part of the assembled team.

This means our methods and actions are relevant and effective.

Rigorous System Analsyis

We address the full system and avoid concentrating on issues in isolation.

We use our simulation tools to underpin our system analyses, understanding the root causes of sub-optimal performance and testing viable alternatives.

We place a value on both the benefits of change and the costs of inactivity.

Prioritise Solutions

Identifying the root cause of operational problems is insufficient. We seek to deliver viable solutions based on the insight developed with our unique skills and tools.

We focus on the operational longevity and flexibility of solutions in rapidly-changing business environments.


Our capabilities span all phases of engineering and business improvement projects.

Design Support

We integrate seamlessly with all phases of greenfields development or brownfields expansion projects:

  • Conceptual and Order of Magnitude Studies
  • Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Engineering Studies

Operations Support

We lead a range of studies to improve the business performance and profitability of existing operations:

  • Debottlenecking studies
  • Metallurgical and process improvement studies
  • ‘Health checks’ and process diagnostics
  • Project reviews

The Met Dynamics consulting approach offers unparelleled insight into the key levers driving value across minerals businesses.